Sunday, 19 October 2008


Artistic director Moses Pendleton has created a very remarkable dream-like show, with a combination of technology and physical theatre.
This incredible performance, taking place at the Sadler’s Wales, Peacock theatre, is a combination of dance, circus, gymnastics, created by the 11 performers who are lit with black and UV light. By physical movement between pairs, the performers with fluorescent costumes create unbelievable images of an imaginary world.
The performers balance on long poles and fly through the air seemingly unbound by the laws of gravity, leaving everyone asking how did they do that?
the piece creates an underwater visual spectacle. Jellyfish and sea horses combine in the first half and in second part, images such as; a group of birds flying, a carnivorous spider which gives birth and her baby is then eaten by a bigger spider, are presented.
The electronic music of at times New Age sounds and waveform compositions work very well with the visual images on stage and creates a new atmosphere within the audience.

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